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‘Sitaare Zameen Par’ filming was observed in Delhi with Aamir Khan.

Since its announcement, Aamir Khan’s next film, Sitaare Zameen Par, has been attracting a lot of interest.

A recent video of the actor in Delhi filming the movie went viral.

Afterwards, the actor was heard discussing specifics of the movie in a number of interviews.

Aamir was last seen filming for the forthcoming Sitaare Zameen Par in Delhi. In little time at all, the video went popular on social media.

Aamir Khan was spotted filming Sitaare Zameen Par in Delhi’s streets on May 19, according to a fan video that went viral on Instagram. Aamir was dressed in grey slacks and a green T-shirt.

However, additional fan videos also featured the actor alongside Shikhar Dhawan as they were out and about in Delhi’s streets.



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