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Speaking French in an authentic video is Katrina Kaif.

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is involved in yet another deepfake video, this time showing her speaking French at a function.

The adaptable actress may be seen speaking in French during an occasion in the AI-generated film.

She is referring to veteran actress Beena Kak, who costarred with Salman Khan in the movie “Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya,” in which she had a significant role.

Social media users welcomed the viral video as authentic and complimented the Ek Tha Tiger star’s fluency in French.

Some did draw attention to the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) was used in the creation of this video, though.

The video was shot in 2019 when Katrina and Salman Khan attended the Beena Kak book launch in Mumbai, according to Katrina Kaif’s fan page.

However, it was made clear that Katrina had spoken about the senior actress in English, not French. It claimed that Katrina’s words is translated into French in the AI-generated video.

Some viewers referred to AI as “extremely dangerous” in their comments on the video, claiming that it may endanger everyone—famous people included.

A few immoral AI-generated pictures of the Indian starlet surfaced online back in November 2023.



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