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“Stupid” Spectators Complain About Ranvir Singh’s “Uninteresting” Game Show

The second season of Ranvir Singh’s Riddiculous made a comeback to ITV. Still, spectators were furious over the game-show.

A few of them even turned off minutes into the performance. Riddiculous blends general knowledge with riddles.

Playwright Henry Lewis is the show’s riddle master, and Ranvir is its host.

Happy New Year, and welcome to a brand new series of Riddiculous,” said Ranvir as he kicked off the new show.

This is the absurdly intelligent show where our cunning riddle master challenges three teams of puzzle solvers.

She turned to face her co-host and said, “Hey, Henry, what are you planning for us today?

I think you’re going to like today’s riddles, Ranvir,” Henry stated as he greeted her. They are among my best.

One viewer attacked the game show on X, saying, “Riddiculous really is boring af to watch!”

An additional person expounded on a few of the “boresome” aspects of the performance, stating: “Boring presentation! drab hosts! Simply a dull program.

It will be lot more entertaining to watch some paint dry than this show, so where’s that paintbrush?

According to a third, Riddiculous may be a passable quiz show if the presenters hadn’t given such a bad performance.

They took nothing away from the first series.

One fan tweeted, “There’s just something missing, like some chemistry or an atmosphere,” feeling that Ranvir and Henry’s relationship is too forced. It appears somewhat chilly.



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