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TikTok begins automatically labeling AI-generated content

TikTok is beginning to automatically identify movies and photos created using artificial intelligence, the business announced on Thursday.

TikTok said in a news release that AI-generated material on the app would now be labeled with “Content Credentials,” a digital watermarking system developed by the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity.

“Content Credentials attach metadata to content, which we can use to instantly recognize and label [AI-generated content],” stated TikTok. “This capability started rolling out today on images and videos, and will be coming to audio-only content soon.”

TikTok already labels material created using its in-app AI effects, and producers are required to label any work that has realistic AI. This next approach would enable automatic classification of AI-generated content submitted from other platforms.

The change comes as lawmakers and academics warn of the harm that artificial intelligence (AI) may pose in the impending 2024 election, fearing an increase in deepfake and misinformation.

TikTok will join the Adobe-led Content Authenticity Initiative, which aims to set standards for transparent and traceable digital production of images, videos, and audio clips across industries.

TikTok was one of 20 major technology companies who pledged in February to battle AI misinformation during this year’s election campaign. Microsoft, Meta, Google, Amazon, and OpenAI all signed the agreement.

TikTok’s future in the United States is unknown after President Joe Biden signed legislation in April giving parent company ByteDance nine months to sell the app or face a ban in the US. TikTok has since sued the United States government, claiming the law violates the First Amendment.



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