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TikTok users in the US are urged to call legislators to oppose the ban.

Some American users of TikTok saw a notification on Friday, advising them to contact their senators and request that they vote against a measure that would outlaw the well-known short-form video app if it isn’t separated from the Chinese internet giant ByteDance.

“Express to your senator how much you value TikTok. The advertisement, which let users find their senator’s phone number by entering their zip code, read, “Ask them to vote no on the TikTok ban.”

“Now, if the Senate votes, the future of creativity and communities you love on TikTok could be shut down,” the message stated.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the bill granting ByteDance approximately six months to sell the U.S. assets of the

The Senate ought to take “swift action,” according to the White House, and President Joe Biden promised to sign the legislation.

A TikTok representative stated that the alert is only being sent to those who are of voting age. “We’ll continue informing our community about how the ban bill will affect them and what they can do to make their voices heard,” the spokesperson added.

Some users saw the message when they started the app, and others saw it when they searched for “TikTok ban.”

Before the House vote, TikTok warned users in a similar fashion that “the government will take away the community that you and millions of other Americans love.”

Lawmakers claimed that TikTok users opposed to the proposal were flooding their offices with calls.



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