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Verizon will install 5G for testing of smart vehicles on Audi’s test track.

Verizon (VZ.N) announced on Thursday that it is collaborating with Volkswagen brand Audi AG to install a 5G network at the German automaker’s exclusive test track in Neustadt and to assist in testing smart car technology.

The project intends to test technologies such as autonomous mobility, vehicle-to-cloud communications, and C-V2X systems that enable vehicles to link to nearby objects like other vehicles or digital traffic lights. It also attempts to mimic communications and driving scenarios from various markets.

Verizon said in a statement that the track will be outfitted with doppelgängers of some of its 5G networks, powered by hardware from Nokia (NOKIA.HE), processing software from Amazon Web Services (AMZN.O), and real-time video and data transfer capabilities from Smart Mobile Labs.

To add more software and data to their cars for safety, entertainment, and communication, automakers all over the world are collaborating with telecom and digital firms.

According to TJ Fox, Senior Vice President of Industrial Internet of Things and Automotive at Verizon Business, “the vehicle of the future will be packed with technology that needs to work under many different sets of network conditions.” Fox made this statement.

Fox told Reuters that safety applications will also be put to the test.

According to him, testing as well as the expansion of data and communications infrastructure available on public roads would enable automakers to incorporate the acquired data into their cars, improving safety.

According to Petr Kozak, head of development for infotainment, connection, data management, and artificial intelligence at the automaker, the project will cut testing time and costs, giving Audi a competitive edge.



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