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Vicky Kaushal opens up on why he agreed to do a cameo in Rajkumar Hirani’s Dunki


Vicky Kaushal was singled out for appreciation for his role in Dunki. The film was released on December 21, 2023.

Vicky Kaushal piqued everyone’s interest with his cameo appearance in Dunki. Rajkumar Hirani directed the film, which stars Shah Rukh Khan and Taapsee Pannu in the key roles. In an interview with The Week Magazine, Vicky explained how he pursued the position to work with the filmmaker again after Sanju since he admired him. Also read: Shah Rukh Khan and Vicky Kaushal discuss Katrina Kaif on Dunki sets: ‘Agar shaadi nahi ki hoti toh main…’.

What Vicky said about working at Dunki

Vicky mentioned in the interview that he called Hirani for the part after hearing about it. He stated, “I told Raju sir (director Rajkumar Hirani) that even if he wanted me to pass by unnoticed, I would gladly do that…” My father (action director) Sham Kaushal was working on Dunki, and since Sukhi (Vicky’s role) had that fire sequence, my father asked Hirani who was playing the part He wanted to know ‘Mujhe kisko jalaana hai? (Whom do I light on fire?)’. So Hirani stated that he wanted someone like Vicky, but did not offer it to me since he thought it was a little job. When my father returned home, I asked him how the meeting went. He described the [conversation with Hirani], and I asked, ‘Really?’ The next day, I called Raju sir and said, “If it has to be someone like me, why not me?” I showed up in his office that day and said yes without even listening to the script. The first time I saw the entire film was at the screening. “I only knew my part.”

More details

He went on to say that he loved how Punjab was portrayed in the film. “It was nice to see Punjab like way after a long time. I told Raju sir that, in an era when everything is harsh and true, where we see the hardships and struggles of states, he brought a vivid, colorful charm to Punjab. “That scene in which Taapsee’s character takes off her shoes and wants to feel the earth in her hometown after decades away was special to me,” he remarked.

Dunki is a story about friendship, illicit border crossings, nostalgia for home, and love. Presented by Jio Studios, Red Chillies Entertainment, and Rajkumar Hirani Films, the film will be released in theaters globally on December 21, 2023. It made its OTT premiere on Netflix on Valentine’s Day of this year.




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