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Voters rejected PTI’s narrative of hatred in by-elections: Tarar

ISLAMABAD –Attaullah Tarar, the federal minister for information and broadcasting, said on Tuesday that voters in recent by-elections rejected the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s narrative of hatred, hypocrisy, and deceit.

Addressing a press conference alongside Minister for Law and Justice Azam Nazeer Tarar, he stated that despite widespread outrage about alleged rigging in the by-elections, the PTI leadership was unable to offer a single proof.

He stated that the outcome of the by-elections removed any questions about the February 8 general elections, which had been generated by a specific political party. By Allah Almighty’s favor, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz swept the by-elections, with the public voting for their love of Nawaz Sharif and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s economic reforms.

The minister stated that people in Pakistan had buried the PTI’s narrative of violence, deceit, and lies, not only as PML-N voters, but also because of its pro-people policies and track record of serving the masses.

Regarding Bushra Bibi’s health, he stated that humorous things were being shared on social media, despite the fact that all of her medical tests were negative. He stated that the PTI leaders looked to have committed an oath to speak out against the country’s national and defense institutions.

He stated that the government’s efforts were causing the country to prosper and develop. The Iranian President has planned to raise trade volume with Pakistan to $10 billion annually.

Earlier, he stated that the high-level Saudi Arabian group had also discussed the possibility of large investment in Pakistan.

He claimed that the stock market has broken all previous records due to the favorable climate. The government, led by Shehbaz Sharif, aimed to implement significant economic changes.

He stated that IT exports totaled 306 million dollars. Investment was flowing into the country as a result of Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif’s successful policies. He recalled that the PTI founder was serving a jail sentence for corruption, and he now felt insignificant.

Tarar claimed that false information about Bushra Bibi’s health was being distributed to get attention. Referring to the PTI founder, he stated that a prisoner was a victim of paranoia. He noted that the PTI once marketed presents donated by rulers of friendly countries. He stated that Pakistan’s interests were paramount, while politics and political parties came later.

He stated that Pakistan’s future was determined by the realistic policies and vision of its current elected representatives.

“The administration is taking initiatives to improve Pakistan, and by Allah’s help, the country will be on the path to prosperity. Attaullah Tarar stated that the minister of law and justice had shed light on the missing persons case in full.

The minister stated that the relatives of martyrs who were victims of terrorist acts had strong doubts about this. He recalled that in 2022, Iman Mazari presented the name of Naeem Rehmat as a missing person who was serving a life term in Landhi Jail for a narcotics case in 2019.

He stated that in 2011, the Supreme Court established an inquiry commission on missing persons, which resolved 7900 cases out of 10,023 cases, with 23% of the cases still unresolved. He stated that a cabinet committee has been formed to address the issue and will give recommendations for solutions. The government intended to tackle this problem, he stated, adding that the previous administration worked on it as well, and that the current government is also working to resolve the issue.

In response to media questioning, he stated that names on the Exit Control List (ECL) were added and removed based on Interior Division recommendations, as per procedure.

To another question, he stated that on Eid-ul-Fitr, the power tariff was reduced by Rs 3.82 per unit to provide relief to people. Furthermore, he stated that the government was reducing its spending and disposing off loss-making public sector firms. He stated that the Federal Bureau of Revenue was being digitized, and tax reforms were being implemented.



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