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What Qualities Does Hareem Farooq Look for in a Potential Spouse?

In a TV show, Hareem Farooq discussed his plans for marriage and the qualities she would look for in a potential spouse.

Actor Hareem Farooq stated, “I think I will soon be getting married,” during the presentation.

Though the timing is better known to Allah, I intend to get married.

Someone who is sincere, kind, and pure of heart is what I would seek out. Sincerity and kindness are vital qualities to me in a partner.

Furthermore, a nice guy would take good care of his loved ones without expecting anything in return and will be good in his relationships.

The stunning and gifted Pakistani actress Hareem Farooq works in both film and television. Her career as a film producer has also taken off. Her most well-known endeavor was the drama series Diyar e Dil.

Additionally, she starred in Sanam, Dusri Bivi, and Mere Hamdam Mere Dost. Parchi, Heer Man Ja, and Dubara Phir Se are some of her popular flicks.

The audience praised her films. Fans also like the on-screen duo of Ali Rehman Khan and Hareem Farooq.



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