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You May Now Smoke Your Spareribs Inside.

The newest smart kitchen appliance from GE Appliances eliminates an additional culinary inconvenience you may not have known you had: the need to go outside.

With the GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker, you can use wood pellets to cook indoors without setting off every smoke detector in your house. It’s a countertop smoker.

The $999 device, which is the first indoor smoker in history, will be on display at CES 2024 the following week. However, if you’re eager to add that smoky flavor to your fish, ribs, or sprouts and you don’t even need to have a backyard, you can get it right now at Best Buy and Williams Sonoma.

Utilizing a technology known as Active Smoke Filtration, the appliance “turns real-wood smoke into warm air packed with flavor by using heat and a highly engineered catalyst system,” according to GE Profile. Seals and gaskets keep smoke out of your kitchen and inside the oven.

To help eliminate guesswork from the smoking process, a digital dial with presets and six preset settings for brisket, pork ribs, pork butt, chicken wings, chicken breast, and salmon allow you to fine-tune the temperature and intensity of the smoke.

A smoke and hold option is a useful feature of the indoor smart smoker that I haven’t seen in any of the outdoor smart smokers I’ve tested, such the Traeger.

Your meat will be cooked as a result, and it will be safe to consume for up to 24 hours.

The SmartHQ app from GE Profile is integrated with the smart smoker, enabling you to remotely watch your meat and adjust smoke levels.

The app, according to GE Profile, will also provide over-the-air feature updates, such as guided recipes that will follow you through the smoking process step-by-step.

The GE Profile smoker is big enough “to fit three racks of baby back ribs, a brisket, a whole chicken, up to 40 chicken wings, or a 14-pound pork butt,” despite being made to be tiny enough to fit on your counter.

The Indoor Smart Smoker was formerly known as Arden, an Indiegogo project created in a GE Appliances maker space.

Before launching as a GE Profile brand and joining the company’s other cutting-edge smart kitchen appliance, the first smart electric mixer, which made its debut at CES 2023, it raised more than $835,000 in funding.



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