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48 HOURS: Dawn to dusk in Mumbai with TCS’s Suresh Muthuswami

Being the head of North America at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), one of the biggest consulting organizations in the world, Suresh Muthuswami spends a lot of his time in New York City.

However, he claims that Mumbai is the ultimate destination for business travel.

This is how South Indian native Muthuswami spends 48 hours in the country’s thriving financial centre.

Mumbai, home to over 21 million people, is a veritable melting pot of ethnicities, languages, and customs. Its vitality permeates every place I visit.

Mumbai has a distinct charm that comes from its rich history and architecture to the bustling streets of the Colaba neighborhood, which are home to people from all walks of life. Furthermore, the culinary scene is outstanding.

I usually stay in the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower (PJ Ramchandani Marg) in the vicinity of Colaba when traveling to our worldwide headquarters.

My favorite spot to see the sunrise is here.

Before the long day starts, have breakfast at the Taj Mahal Palace. The famous Sea Lounge, which is located on Apollo Bandar Pier and overlooks the Gateway of India, is my top choice.

There are enormous fruit-eating bats in the vicinity of the TCS Executive Briefing Center, which is located on Suren Road in the Mumbai district of Andheri!

With their roughly 4-foot (1.2-meter) wingspan, observing the bats is a refreshing diversion after hours of work-related discussion.

The architecture of the Elephanta Caves, located on Elephanta Island in Mumbai Harbor, is simply breathtaking and offers a wonderful insight into Indian history. From the Gateway of India, you can catch a ferry to Elephanta Island.

No matter what city I’m in, I like to walk. Mumbai is no different, particularly the Colaba district with its winding alleyways and old buildings.

South Mumbai’s Colaba Causeway, also known as Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, is home to a bustling, colorful street market. It’s an excellent place to buy apparel, souvenirs, and traditional Indian items.

There are a ton of cafes, restaurants, and street food sellers in the area.

Meaning “Thieves Market” in translation, the Chor Bazaar is a popular destination for antiques and other treasures.
The greatest spot to obtain delicious dosas, or South Indian crepes that are thin and flavorful, is Cafe Madras (Bhaudaji Road), which is close to King’s Circle. Before leaving for the airport to head back to New York City, I like to stop by.



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