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Ahsan Khan and Sonam Bajwa create a stir on social media

The pairing of Pakistani actor Ahsan Khan and well-known Indian Punjabi film actress Sonam Bajwa has gained attention on social media.

Thanks to her incredible performances, actress Sonam Bajwa, who has embodied performing in a number of Indian Punjabi films, has captured the hearts of both young boys and girls.

On the other hand, because of his roles in numerous well-known shows, Ahsan Khan has also developed a unique persona in the Pakistani entertainment business.

Together, these two international superstars graced the cover of a well-known Pakistani clothing brand’s advertising campaign.

Bajwa recently posted a video to Instagram in which Sonam Bajwa approaches Ahsan Khan, who is shown as a painter, at a tourist attraction, and asks him to finish her painting.

The two performers can be seen dancing and strolling around in the film, and Sonam Bajwa is shown donning a variety of glitzy ensembles from the apparel line.

Despite never having collaborated before, Sonam Bajwa and Ahsan Khan have managed to capture everyone’s hearts for the first time. Fans on social media have dubbed the pair the greatest and their new favorite pair.



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