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AJK protesters end strike after govt accepts charter of demands

MUZZAFARABADThe Awami Action Committee (AAC) called off the protest on Tuesday after Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) agreed to the charter of demands.

On Monday, Prime Minister Chaudhry Anwarul Haq stated that the state government has accepted all of the Awami Action Committee’s (AAC) demands. His declaration came as rallies for inexpensive bread and energy began their fourth day.

LEAs opened fire and teargassed demonstrators, killing three and injuring six more.

While emphasizing the Centre’s full support for providing relief to the poor, PM Anwar stated, “No one can reject two fundamental demands regarding roti [bread] and electricity.”

After the protesters accepted all of their requests, the AJK administration issued a notification, expressing hope that peace would be restored in the area.

According to the statement, the price of flour has been decreased from Rs3,100 to Rs2,000 per 40 kilogramme.

Meanwhile, power tariffs will be Rs3 per unit for utilization of 1 to 100 units, Rs5 per unit for usage of 100 to 300 units, and Rs6 per unit for usage of 300 or more units.

Commercial power tariffs have also been established at Rs10 per unit for 1-300 unit slabs, and Rs15 per unit for 300 or more unit slabs.

PM Anwar described the recently announced package in response to protests as the Pakistani government’s’special relationship’ with the region.

He said that Islamabad would provide Rs23 billion to the AJK government.

To address the protesters’ demands, the federal government granted a grant of Rs23 billion to settle the situation. The meeting was presided over by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.


Despite the government’s efforts to appease the public, the protests became violent. Three individuals were killed as paramilitary troops fired and used tear gas in Muzaffarabad, the capital.

LEAs called in to restore quiet met public outrage while retreating via Muzaffarabad after the government caved to the Awami Action Committee’s demands.

Protesters assaulted a caravan of 19 vehicles with stones near Shorran da Nakka village. They also lit three automobiles on fire. In response, the army began to fire.

After entering the city via the Western Bypass, the LEAs were attacked again, and they began firing shots and tear gas, resulting in three deaths and six injuries.

Meanwhile, the civil administration arrived at the scene and drove the LEAs away.

It should be noted that after the talks failed on Sunday night, the committee directed the demonstrators to begin their march to the state capital.

The rallies made a halt in Dhirkot, approximately 80 kilometers from the capital, where the administration met with their leaders on Monday. Meanwhile, the government announced a subsidy, and leaders stated that they would make a decision once notifications were issued.

As marchers waited for their leaders’ announcements, they battled with police at Chattar Chowk, who used tear gas to disperse them.

Shaukat Nawaz Mir, one of the protesters’ primary leaders, stated that their legal team will review the official notifications and the committee would decide the next steps.



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