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Armed forces fully prepared to defend motherland: COAS


RAWALPINI  – Gen Asim Munir, Chief of Army Staff (COAS), declares his resolve that the  

Pakistani armed forces are fully prepared to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the motherland with the nation’s backing.  

He was talking with troops taking part in the field exercise ‘Shamsheer-e-Sehra’ in a training region near Rahim Yar Khan.  

According to ISPR, the purpose of the exercise was to improve professional abilities and battlefield maneuvers required to handle future operational difficulties.  

The COAS watched integrated fire and battle maneuvers including multiple elements such as armor, infantry, artillery, air defense, and anti-tank guided missiles. 

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) planes also took part in the drill.  

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The army commander spent the day with the troops in the exercise region, praising their training standards, operational readiness, and strong morale across all ranks.  

He emphasized that armed forces should constantly be prepared for any misadventure by the enemy.  

When the army chief arrived in the field, he was greeted by the Karachi corps commander and Inspector General Training and Evaluation



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