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Maryam announces introducing Punjabi as subject in schools

LAHORE – According to Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, the Punjab government plans to teach Punjabi in schools.  

The CM attended the Punjab Culture Day function in Alhamra.  

She thanked the people of Punjab for entrusting her with the office of chief minister, stating that this privilege earned her respect as their sister and daughter.  

She attended Alhamra’s handicrafts show and kept an eye on traditional Punjabi food stalls.  

Maryam Nawaz observed Punjabi handicrafts such as Gote Kanari and Chinri outfits and praised the workers. 

She watched the process of spinning yarn on the spinning wheel and did it herself.  

She expressed an interest in the process of producing Khadi garments.  

She paid herself for a set of traditional bangles from the stall.  

She congratulated the Punjabi population on her election, which marked a watershed moment for Indian and Pakistani Punjab.  

She emphasized Punjabi women’s tenacity and their position as pillars of strength in their homes. 

She encouraged parents to teach their children Punjabi and expressed her support for the resurgence of Punjabi cinema.  

She emphasized the significance of preserving Punjabi culture to protect the language’s legacy.  

She campaigned for Punjabi cultural events at all levels of education and emphasized the importance of encouraging Punjabis to take pride in their language.  

Reflecting on Punjab’s rich cultural tapestry, Maryam Nawaz bemoaned the loss of pride in the Punjabi language. 

She asked parents to inculcate their children with a feeling of cultural identification in order to keep the language alive.  

The chief minister urged a greater attention on Punjabi cinema, emphasizing its importance in safeguarding cultural traditions.  

She praised the achievements of well-known Punjabi poets and expressed respect for writers from across the border, especially Amrita Pritam.  



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