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Brad Pitt’s latest win against ex Angelina Jolie, ‘War of the Roses’ heads to $64M courtroom drama

Brad Pitt wins another court struggle against Angelina Jolie over ownership of a French vineyard, paving the way for a lawsuit.  

Brad Pitt obviously has an advantage in ‘War of the Rosés.’ The most recent court verdict goes in Pitt’s favor, giving him an up-to-the-minute victory in the battle for control of the French vineyard he owns with ex-wife Angelina Jolie. This is his second consecutive triumph, following one in February. This significant victory signifies that the Bullet Train star’s legal team has the authority to pursue the claim against Jolie.  

Brad Pitt wins his latest court battle with ex Angelina Jolie.  

According to Mail, Jolie’s legal team had been attempting to overturn a court judgment in Los Angeles that supported her ex-husband’s claim. The major claim made by Pitt, in which he cited Jolie selling her portion of their gorgeous vineyard to Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler without his consent in 2021, has been the source of contention between the Hollywood heavyweights since their divorce.  

However, the court has now dismissed charges that his complaint was “frivolous, malicious, and part of a problematic pattern,” providing another victory for the Fight Club star. 

Chateau Miraval dispute  

Following the significant win, Pitt’s legal team is apparently ready to take the Babylon actor’s complaint to court, in which he is suing Jolie for breaching an agreement to give “each other first refusal.” The Chateau Miraval estate, known for its award-winning sparkling rosé, is a 1,300-acre French winemaking estate that the couple purchased together in 2008. They later exchanged wedding vows in 2014 at the same location, which is presently worth approximately $164 million

A source close to Pitt told Mail, “Brad wants Jersey to start answering questions. He should have the right to know who purchased his company.  

‘He has poured his heart and energy into Chateau Miraval and feels as if the rug is being ripped out from under him. He doesn’t know who he’s doing business with. 

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Pitt, who owned 60% of the estate to Jolie’s 40%, had already given Jolie an additional 10% as a gift, bringing the total to 50-50%. However, the pair split up in 2016. Issues occurred when Jolie sold her portion, although Pitt maintains that he still controls 60% of the company and that the transaction was void. 



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