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One Piece chapter 1110 spoilers: Zoro’s sword shines bright over Lucci as Gorosei’s transformation stuns fans

Prepare for a big shock in the latest ‘One Piece’ chapter, as the Egghead Arc hits its climax and the destiny of Vegapunk hangs in the balance.  

This article contains major spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1110.  

Chapter 1110 of the popular manga series ‘One Piece’ brings an end to the excitement of the long-running fight.  

The Egghead Arc, which has captured the attention of fans worldwide, is ready to unveil momentous discoveries that could shatter the foundations of the One Piece universe.  

As the plot progresses, the enigmatic Vegapunk prepares to unveil the world government’s darkest secrets. The stakes are great, and the suspense is intense, as the Gorosei, the world’s secret overlords, mysteriously summon a sphere wielded by the frightening Saturn and enter Egghead Island.  

The situation worsens as Vegapunk, the creative mind behind many of the world’s technological wonders, teeters on the border of life and death. The most recent chapters depict a bleak picture, implying that Vegapunk is unlikely to continue. The ramifications of his possible death are enormous, and it is no surprise that the Gorosei are eager to halt his final endeavor, which has the ability to upend the established order and send shockwaves over the world.  

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After a delightful hiatus, ‘One Piece’ makes a huge return with Chapter 1110

Started in Chapter 1091 and released in September 2023, Zoro and Lucci’s duel became a hot topic of discussion among the ‘One Piece’ community, and the battle continues for months from the start, with swordsman Zoro of The Straw Hat Pirates locked in a battle with a CP0 agent particularly crucial to their conflict. The segment took place behind the screen, and the plot shifted a few chapters to reveal Kuma’s past.  

On the other side, Lucci has already fully activated the devil fruit, a half-zouan, that he has acquired, whereas Zoro has just revealed the two years of his training through the power and ability he demonstrated. Whatever happened in the last chapter, Lucci’s entrance leaves Zoro broke. He tells Zoro curtly that the swordsman’s résumé is “dead weight.”  

Fans of this conflict have been outraged that Zoro’s skills have not been favoured in a match versus Lucci, whom many believe cannot present a true challenge. The community’s reaction to this comment was, as expected, a wave of outbursts fueled by displeasure and frustration. They vent their displeasure and rage by criticizing and posting memes about the one person who will be the Pirate King’s future ‘Partner in Crime‘.  

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Nevertheless, such teases are no longer necessary. According to spoilers, Zoro defeats Lucci with a single all-powerful sword blade. 



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