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Celebrities mark Ramadan with fervent religious devotion

It appears that everyone is taking advantage of this holy month by praying, reciting the Quran, giving alms, being kind, supplicating Allah in their worships, and—above all—fasting.

Indeed, this is the strength of the holy month; without it, who dares deny the freedom of food and drink?

The mosques are packed. The Quran is recited in homes, while stores and bazaars resound with the sound of the Na’ats. There are a lot of Quranic verses and sayings from the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) on social media that highlight the significance of the month of fasting.

Everyone strives to help people who fast in one way or another, including non-believers who honor this month worldwide and provide discounted munchies at their establishments.

As Ramadan began, there was a surge of social media posts extolling the virtues and importance of the holy month, especially from people in the entertainment and sports industries.

Renowned American author and activist Jeffrey Shaun King revealed in a post that he and his spouse converted to Islam during their first Ramadan.

Sania Mirza shared her spiritual proverbs with her followers on Instagram. Her statements have a concealed connotation that fasting entails refraining from food and liquids as well as keeping oneself away from acts of dishonesty and greed.

In an interview, actor Kubra Khan expressed his dislike for the notion that those in show business are agnostic. She feels that Allah has blessed her with success. She claims that Allah is more aware of who is devout in His eyes.

Don’t label someone a sinner, then. The actor advised concentrating solely on spiritual self-improvement.

When Atif Aslam recited the Na’at Allah Hu Allah during the first Ramadan, he enthralled the crowd, causing many to cry uncontrollably.

As a dedicated Muslim, Atif Aslam is well-liked by his followers for his Hamd and Na’ats.

Imran Abbas, an actor from movies and television, posted a video of himself reciting a Na’at.

Indian celebrities who wished their followers Ramazan Mubarak included cricket players Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan, as well as Shah Rukh Khan, Gauahar Khan, Sana Khan, Munawar Faruqui, Huma Qureshi, Saqib Saleem, and Hina Khan. To stay fast, Shah Rukh Khan had put an end to his filming.

Comedian, actor, and Bigg Boss 17 winner Munawar Faruqui is currently in Madinah. He posted photos of the holy city to Instagram with the message, “This is month of blessing and virtues.” Offer up prayers for everyone, but especially for the Palestinian people.

Actor Omair Rana, like many individuals from all backgrounds, has never been a fan of Ramazan programs that are designed to create competitions for prizes. Numerous TV networks have special Ramadan transmissions during which the hosts organize games, invite viewers to participate, and award prizes to the winners.

People have often voiced their opposition to these programs, arguing that Ramadan is a chance to attain qualities and spiritual elevation through spending time in prayer, memorizing the Quran, performing Namaz, and remembering Allah. They believe that these kinds of programs are a waste of time and do not inspire viewers to worship.



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