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The son of Nauman Ijaz says, “I was slapped by father to give natural scene.”

In the drama series Sang e Mah, veteran actor Nauman Ijaz physically assaulted his son to add energy to the scene.

In his most recent interview, Zaviyar Nauman disclosed that he suffered actual physical harm during each of the three action sequences in Sang e Mah.

Sang e Mah” was an incredibly popular drama that won over both fans and critics.

Zaviyar disclosed that Nauman Ijaz had slapped him in order to create the realistic scenes. He further mentioned that during a scenario, Nauman Ijaz threatened to attack him in real life and that Zaviyar would have to stop moving his hand.

“I was appreciated for giving the natural scene,” he stated.

He claimed that throughout the shooting, there were two more slaps on him.

Zaviyar Nauman remarked, “He slapped me so hard that I started crying and my eyes were real in the scene.”



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