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Dar emphasises Pakistan’s dedication to peaceful utilisation of nuclear energy

Brussels – Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar has underlined the importance of clean and affordable energy, citing nuclear energy as a feasible alternative due to its environmental friendliness.

In his speech at the Nuclear Energy Summit in Brussels, the foreign minister highlighted the growing demand for nuclear energy, particularly in view of the problems faced by climate change-related supply interruptions.

The minister emphasized the possibility for ecologically benign nuclear energy as a viable answer in the future.

He referred to Pakistan’s sponsorship of low-cost nuclear technology at COP 28.

Dar emphasized the need of clean and inexpensive energy, stating that energy security was a primary priority for developing and progressive countries, necessitating long-term initiatives to address energy issues.

The minister emphasized Pakistan’s active engagement in the IAEA and willingness to share its knowledge with the globe for peaceful nuclear energy applications.

Dar also thanked the Belgian government and the IAEA for convening the meeting.



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