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FM Dar, IAEA’s Grossi discuss issues related to nuclear energy

Brussels – Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar met with Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Mariano Grossi, on the margins of the Nuclear Energy Summit in Brussels.

The foreign minister praised the IAEA for its efforts to promote peaceful applications of nuclear technology, as well as for organizing the inaugural Nuclear Energy Summit.

He emphasized that as a founding member, Pakistan values the Agency’s efforts.

Dar also emphasized the relevance of nuclear energy in combating climate change, as well as Pakistan’s ambition to increase the share of nuclear energy in its energy mix.

He also emphasized the importance of the Agency’s technical cooperation efforts, to which Pakistan is contributing significantly.

Dar emphasized that international financial institutions and banks should promote nuclear energy projects in underdeveloped nations so that they may meet their energy demands while also achieving zero-emissions targets.

He asked the IAEA to continue its efforts to raise global awareness of the importance of nuclear energy as a clean source.

The IAEA director general praised Pakistan’s cooperation with the agency. He went on to say that Pakistan was playing an important role in Asia by sharing its experience and expertise with developing countries.

He acknowledged that financing for nuclear plants was a concern and stated that he would shortly engage with international financial institutions to tackle the issue.

The IAEA director general fondly remembered his visit to Pakistan last year, when he had the opportunity to see Pakistan’s facilities and witness the country’s progress in the field of peaceful nuclear technology.



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