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“Divorce is hard, marriage is hard”: Does Sania Mirza’s statement encourage divorce rumors?

Sania Mirza’s enigmatic post has fueled further rumors that she and cricketer Shoaib Malik are divorcing.

Tennis player Sania Mirza posted a mysterious quote to her Instagram stories, with the line “Divorce is hard” being one example.

The post has fueled further rumors that she and Shoaib Malik are divorcing.

The Instagram page healing_out.loud was the first to share the thought-provoking quote that Sania shared.

“Getting married is difficult. Divorce is difficult. Select your hard. Being obese is difficult. Maintaining fitness is difficult. Select your hard. Having debt is difficult.

Maintaining financial discipline is difficult. Select your hard. It’s difficult to communicate. It’s difficult to not communicate. Select your hard.There will never be an easy life.

Sania tweeted another photo on January 8 with the message, “Let go of anything that disturbs the peace of your heart.”

In actuality, Sania has also removed the majority of her most recent Instagram photos that feature Shoaib Malik.

Rumors of Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik’s split have been in the news since November 2022.

However, once Sania and Shoaib shot together for the show, the conversation stopped.

He mentioned how much he missed Sania on “The Mirza Malik Show.”

But when the cricket player changed his Instagram bio in 2023 and took off the line that said, “Husband to a Superwoman @mirzasaniar,” the rumors reappeared.



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