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Today is the poet Wasif Ali Wasif’s death anniversary.


Today marks the 31st anniversary of the legendary Urdu poet, Sufi, writer, and thinker Wasif Ali Wasif’s passing.

His distinctive and modern writing style is what people remember about him. Every generation still finds him to be their favorite. His poetry is spiritual and approachable to all people since it incorporates aspects of Sufism.

His poetry, written in Punjabi and Urdu, portrays the harsh truths of life. His writing books have enlightening sentences that even the timid may read.

For a long time, his book “Kiran Kiran Suraj” was a best seller. His best-known works, Shabe Chiragh and Dil Darya Samundar, were veritable gold mines of knowledge.

He formerly wrote brief articles with the express purpose of promoting Islam’s authentic essence on a variety of subjects, including love, life, luck, fear, hope, expectation, promise, prayer, satisfaction, and sadness.

Wasif Ali Wasif was born in Khushab on January 15, 1929. After receiving his primary education in Khushab, he went on to pursue his higher education at Jhang. He attended Khushab for his English literature. B A. and M.A.

His intellectual background was exceptional. Not only did he participate actively in extracurricular activities like athletics and writing, but he also received multiple awards.

The Sufi poet and author accepted death and, on January 18, 1993, had a meeting with his Creator.



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