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For Lahoris, hailstorms are similar to snowfall.

People on the internet are fascinating. People use social media to share things that they think are unique and uncommon.

Since hailstorms are rare, especially in Lahore, they have been the talk of the town.

Pictures and videos of hail-covered roads, streets, and rooftops went viral on social media.

They posted photographs and videos of hail falling along with insightful remarks about the natural occurrence.

“She is not in Murree, but enjoying Murree–like weather in her hometown,” a fan says in response to a photo of a newborn playing with hail in her hands. Give her permission to play. Don’t worry that she might get sick.

There is snowfall in Lahore as well, a netizen notes. However, this snow will quickly melt. It can be removed without the use of tools, as in hilly regions.

A social media user wrote on his post, “My daughter woke me up from a deep sleep and took me to the rooftop to witness the surrounding covered with a sheet of snow (hails)”. It was an extremely rare experience for her.

Mela Chiraghan had a local holiday on Saturday. The majority of Lahoris made their money by attending social events and going to public locations. Their joy reached new heights as they snapped selfies while standing in the rain and hail.

The Met Office forecasted similar weather for the next twenty-four hours, so the city experienced light rain and gusty wind all day.



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