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Midlifers in the UK go back in time by embracing daytime clubbing.

a large crowd waits impatiently for the doors of a London nightclub to open. However, it’s not the wee hours; the celebration will stop at 8:00 p.m.

In Britain, going to a nightclub during the day is a novel idea for people who still want to dance but don’t want to stay up late to accomplish it.

“It’s not a great look for a man of my vintage to be in a nightclub at two o’clock in the morning,” said 52-year-old Jonny Owen to AFP, the man in charge of organizing the Day Fever event in central London.

In December, Owen and his spouse, the actor Vicky McClure, planned their first daytime dance in Sheffield, in north central England, and then brought it to the UK capital’s “HERE at Outernet” venue.

The following seven dates—which take place in towns including Nottingham, Glasgow, and Newcastle and go through May—have already sold out, demonstrating how well-liked the concept is.

Men wore elegant shirts, and women who scored a £17 ($22) ticket for the London party wore glittering tops.

The majority of the clientele was in their forties and fifties, and many of them had small children and jobs, so they couldn’t afford to be too exhausted the next day from a crazy night out.

Mother Katy Magrane, 41, who went with friends, said, “I’m pretty looking forward to having a drink, feeling like it’s evening and that we’re having a lovely night like we would have done many years ago.”

“But this way we get to sleep so that’s perfect for us,”



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