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HT City Vibe of 25: Did you know these 25 films had a jubilee run at the box office?


We know that films like Sholay and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge lasted for years. But did you know that several others have had a 25-week run at the box office?  

A movie running uninterrupted in theaters for 25 weeks was once the goal of every filmmaker. However, in order for a picture to endure on the large screen for 175 days or more, it must have a terrific script, outstanding acting, and unforgettable soundtrack.  

We know that films like Sholay (1975) and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995) lasted for years. The 25-week jubilee mark may have begun to decline in the 2000s, but there are many others in the same category that are underappreciated.  

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The box office numbers may have changed today, but did you realize these films maintained a streak for more than a year? 


It is remarkable that a picture could run for 25 weeks when Indian cinema was still in its infancy.  

2. KISMET (1943)  

It has been running for three years and is Bollywood’s first blockbuster, as well as the largest hit in undivided India. 

3.BARSAAT (1949)  

Raj Kapoor and Nargis are enough to keep audiences coming back to the theatres for two years.  

4. SANGAM (1964) 

It is still considered one of the finest love triangles in Bollywood. Choose between a superb music album and a stellar cast.  

5. ARADHANA (1969)  

Its tunes were sufficient to endure 25 weeks. But the film also told a timeless story.  

6. ANAND (1971)  

Probably Rajesh Khanna’s least heroic character. This film is a masterclass in acting and life lessons.Ast – Choose your rationale. 

7. KATI PATANG (1971)  

A film about sacrifice, unwavering loyalty, and dedication. Among Rajesh Khanna and Asha Parekh’s best.  

8. BOBBY (1973)  

Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia’s blazing chemistry earned a 25-week run in cinemas. 

9. DEEWAAR (1975).  

Vijay, Ravi, and Bollywood’s renowned maa are all we need for a successful jubilee run.  


When Bollywood presents three superstars on a platter, you should expect a blockbuster

11. DON (1978)  

Nothing tops the original, not even a rema featuring ke or reboot  the biggest superstar.  

12. TRISHUL (1978).  

The ensemble cast is unforgettable. A wonderful dose of Yash Chopra drama. 

13. LAAWARIS (1981)  

It was the culmination of Amitabh Bachchan’s “angry young man” persona. And fans had a great time in the theaters.  

14. HERO (1983)  

Jackie Shroff performing its mournful iconic theme tune on a flute was enough to get audiences to the theaters. 

15. NAGINA (1986)  

“Naag-naagin” stories are always a good choice. And if Sridevi is behind those lenses, it’s a clean sweep.  

16. KARMA (1986)  

Only Subhash Ghai can pull off a casting coup like this. It became a blockbuster within days of its debut. 

17. MAINE PYAR KIYA (1989)  

It revolutionized the laws of friendship and love and found a large audience, becoming an all-time blockbuster.  

18. MOHRA (1994)  

This film has become a pop cultural favorite because of its dialogue, lyrics, and Jindal

19. KARAN ARJUN (1995)  

Rakhee recognized “Karan-Arjun aayenge”. And they arrived with a jubilee run.  


The period when Akshay Kumar dominated the thriller genre. And his explosive action elevated his flicks to new heights.  


Karisma Kapoor’s transformation was a big reason why audiences flocked to the theaters for a long time.  

22. DIL SE (1998)  

Despite a slow start at the box office, Dil Se gained momentum and went on to have a silver jubilee run. 

23. KAHO NAA PYAAR HAI (2000)  

A star was born. Fans kept rewatching it because they couldn’t get enough of Hrithik Roshan.  

24. MOHABBATEIN (2000)  

Narayan Shankar’s “Parampara, Pratishtha, Anushasan” extended the run of the blockbuster picture. 

25. GADAR (2001)  

Tara Singh’s handpump made a bigger splash than any other famous youngster. After all, it battled against a whole foreign nation. 




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