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Interference in judicial working won’t be tolerated: CJP Isa

ISLAMABAD – Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa said the executive’s meddling in judicial issues would not be accepted at any cost.

According to a statement issued after a full court meeting chaired by Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa to discuss the issue of the letter written by six judges of the Islamabad High Court regarding the interference of intelligence agencies in judicial matters, the Supreme Court stated that CJP Isa received a letter dated March 25, 2024 from six judges of the IHC on March 26.

“Given the gravity of the allegations made in the letter, the CJP convened a conference with the Chief Justice and all of the Judges of the Islamabad High Court at the CJP’s residence at 8 p.m. on the same day, following Iftar. All of the Judges’ concerns were addressed individually at a discussion that lasted more than two and a half hours. The following day, March 27, 2024, the CJP met with the Attorney-General and the Law Minister, and then the CJP and the Senior Puisne Judge met with the President of the Supreme Court Bar Association and the most senior member of the Pakistan Bar Council present in Islamabad,” according to the statement.

The statement said, “A Full Court Meeting of all the Judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan was called under the chairmanship of the CJP at 4 p.m. the same day. The Full Court pondered on the arguments highlighted in the letter written by the six judges of the Islamabad High Court. The majority of the members of the Full Court agreed that, given the gravity of the situation, the CJP should meet with Pakistan’s Prime Minister to discuss the issues expressed in the letter, and the meeting was postponed.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, flanked by the law minister and attorney general, met with CJP Isa, the Supreme Court’s senior puisne judge and registrar, at 2 p.m. today. The meeting lasted approximately an hour and a half. The CJP declared unequivocally that the Executive’s meddling in the activities and judicial workings of judges will not be tolerated, and the independence of the judiciary will not be jeopardized under any circumstances.

“He and the Senior Puisne Judge underlined that the independence of the judiciary is a fundamental cornerstone of the rule of law and a strong democracy. During the discussion, a proposal was made to form an Inquiry Commission under the Pakistan Commissions of Inquiry Act, 2017, to investigate the subject, which would be led by a retired Judge of perfect integrity,” according to the SC statement.

“The Prime Minister agreed that a meeting of the Federal Cabinet would be summoned to seek their consent for the formation of the aforementioned Commission. The Prime Minister fully supported the views expressed by the CJP and Senior Puisne Judge, and assured them that he will take additional steps to ensure an independent judiciary, such as issuing directions to relevant departments and initiating legislation in accordance with paragraph 53 of Suo Moto No. 7/2017 (the Faizabad Dharna judgment). Following that, in continuation of the previous meeting, the CJP convened a Full Court meeting and briefed the Judges on what had happened at the meeting with the Prime Minister,” ended the SC statement.



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