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PTI rejects commission, insists judges’ allegations be addressed in open court

ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has rejected the government’s plan to appoint an inquiry commission following a letter sent by six justices of the Islamabad High Court claiming judicial interference.

The PTI’s core committee held an emergency meeting and rejected the government’s decision that an inquiry would be conducted by a commission led by a retired judge.

Concerns were raised during the discussion over the Chief Justice’s meeting with the Prime Minister on this sensitive issue. It further demanded that the subject be heard in open court by a larger Supreme Court panel.

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Barrister Gohar
, the Chairman of the PTI, announced that they will hold a demonstration in Peshawar on Sunday based on a letter from six judges. He stated that all MNAs and MPAs will join in the rally. When asked about the rally’s purpose, he stated that it would be to achieve judicial independence and the release of the PTI founder.

Barrister Gohar stated that they would write a thorough letter to the head Justice on the cases against the PTI head.

Sher Afzal Marwat stated that the letter was sent to the Supreme Judicial Council and then presented to the Supreme Court. “The Supreme Court will not push this issue under the carpet,” he said.

Latif Khosa stated that the scenario is same in the other provinces. He stated that the six judges’ letter demonstrated the PTI founder’s stance to be correct.



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