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Interior minister inaugurates Margalla Trails Patrol Unit

ISLAMABADOn Thursday, Minister of Interior Mohsin Naqvi formally inaugurated the Margalla Trails Patrol Unit, a new security system that began in just seven days.

Ali Nasir Rizvi, the Inspector General of Police (IG) of Islamabad, briefed the minister on the Margalla Patrol Unit and introduced it to him.

The minister toured the motorcycle and cavalry units and responsibilities diligently. met with police officers from the Margalla Trails Patrol Unit, advising them to carry out their

The minister was informed on a detachment of 60 police officers that will patrol the Margalla trails to protect people.

This unit is made up of gasoline for foot, motorcycles, and horses, and the goal of establishing the Margalla Trails Unit is to offer a safe environment for individuals who visit the trails.

The Foot Patrol consists of ten police officers who will patrol the trails on foot while wearing full protective gear, the Motorcycle Unit consists of six motorbikes and sixteen policemen, and the Horsemen will patrol the trails on eight horses.

The minister stated that if a civilian loses his way or there is an emergency, these cops will seek urgent assistance. He urged staff to take immediate action to address the issue of cell signal in the Margalla Trails area.

He also asked the concerned officials to review the proposed site for the mobile towers.



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