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Iqra Aziz speaks out about her dramatization of Saboor Ali’s wedding attire.

The well-known actor Saboor Ali from Pakistan’s entertainment business has now explained why she wore a dress in her most recent drama that was an exact replica of Saboor Ali’s wedding gown.

Iqra, who starred in the play “Mant Aur Murad,” wore a gold gharara for her wedding that resembled Saboor Ali’s bridal gown.

The actress Saboor Ali shared the photos and the caption, “How should I feel seeing this?” on her Instagram story. All of my feelings, experiences, and memories were associated with this wedding attire.

It was the most special day of my life and I worked with all my heart in this outfit,” she continued.

The performer Iqra Aziz said, “Actually, it was the director’s wish and the situation was also such that Manat had to wear her late mother’s wedding dress because in the play it was the demand of Manat’s brother,” when Yasir Hussain asked her about it on the television program “Pick and Drop.

Iqra continued, “We searched for this kind of group since the groups that designers are creating these days are really contemporary and it is customary for actors to borrow clothing from designers for their projects.

“After much searching, when we couldn’t find anything, my director shared Saboor’s pictures with me.”

The actress claims that after asking the designer, “I took it from him and changed the shirt,” and he informed her that he had this pair because he had designed it.Iqra maintained that since she had borrowed the outfit from the designer, she had not asked Saboor for permission to wear it. 



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