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Jin shares video message as he begins countdown to discharge from military; BTS ARMY says ‘can’t wait anymore’. Watch

In the message, BTS’s Jin discussed how quickly time passes and other topics. He joined the military in December 2022. View his video here.

Kim Seok-jin, BTS’s eldest member, has issued a new message as he nears the end of his service in the South Korean military. On Wednesday, @bts_bighit released a tiny footage of Jin and a message on X (previously Twitter). (Also Read: Jin begins countdown as his military discharge date approaches; BTS ARMY ‘can’t wait for his dad jokes.’)

Jin’s message to BTS ARMY
Jin held two little number 7 lit candles during the pre-recorded video. After blowing them, he smiled and gave the thumbs up sign. The caption said, “Message from #Jin: March 2024.” As translated by X user @Jiniya1204, the message continued, “D-77!! Time flies. Let’s go! # Jin of March # ARMY_lover # MissYouSeokjinnie # Army, simply wait 77 days. #JIN.”

Fans reacted to Jin’s video.
A fan responded to the post, writing, “He is waiting and counting down just like us. “I miss him more.” A commenter wrote, “Yeah…. we can’t dare measure the depth of his love.” “He waited only so he could complete the double 7 days before returning to us. “Jin always has a plan,” said another participant.

“I can’t wait any longer; I miss him. It is Jin!! “Our Seokjin, indeed,” wrote another devotee. A person said, “We love you, Seokjin. The sweetest, who carefully recorded monthly messages with intricate information. How can you not love someone who makes you happy? Seokjin is certainly the embodiment of love.

About Jin’s military journey.
Jin entered the military in December 2022. Jin merely typed “D-100” when he posted on Weverse in March of this year. He is expected to be discharged around June 12 this year. The BTS member began his 18-month military service in a frontline South Korean boot camp. Jin, who will turn 31 in December, began boot camp in Yeoncheon, a town near North Korea’s dangerous border. He completed five weeks of basic military training alongside other conscript soldiers. Following the training, he and his fellow conscripts were assigned to army regiments.



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