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Kareena Kapoor hopes she won’t have to be size zero again to star in action films now

Kareena Kapoor wants to pursue another action film, but she doesn’t think dropping weight or becoming’size zero’ is necessary anymore.

Kareena Kapoor had a lengthy conversation with content creator Ranveer Allahabadia on his podcast, The Ranveer Show. She came there to promote her forthcoming film, Crew. Kareena discussed a variety of topics during the podcast, including her work, movies, dreams, and more. She was also asked about her size zero phase and how it affected her mental health.

Kareena has dropped a lot of weight during the filming of her 2008 film Tashan. It was all her fans and the media were talking about for months before the film’s release.

‘Must do it once.’
During their talk, Ranveer asked Kareena whether there was any ‘downside’ to losing so much weight ‘that didn’t come out at the time’. Kareena claimed that losing weight did not have a negative impact on her mental health. She stated, “You have read me well; I am ambitious but never to the point of harming myself or my mental frame of mind…”For size zero, I took nearly a year and a half to get that appearance, which seemed like a challenge. ‘Ek baar karna hai life mein (had to do this once in my life)’ for an action film because I have never done any action film since then.”

Ranveer asked if she’d do it again. Kareena responded, “Now, we live in a generation where everything is accepted, and I would not like to say that such a body type would be acceptable for an action film.” I believe that today, everyone and anyone can do whatever they desire. So I’m ready for an action film now as well. “I do not need to be a size zero.”

Kareena as an action star?
Kareena will appear in Rohit Shetty’s Singham. Again, Arjun Kapoor stars in an action film alongside Ajay Devgn, Ranveer Singh, Akshay Kumar, and Deepika Padukone. However, it appears that Kareena would not be involved in any action scenes.



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