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Kim Kardashian doesn’t get why Taylor Swift ‘keeps harping on’ their feud: Report

Kim Kardashian lost over 500,000 Instagram followers after Taylor Swift appeared to trash her in the song “thanK you aIMee” from The Tortured Poets Department.

Kim Kardashian appears to have moved on from her rivalry with music artist Taylor Swift. According to People, the reality TV personality claims her fight with Taylor happened years ago and she has no idea why Taylor is still obsessed with it. (Also Read: Kim Kardashian loses over 500,000 Instagram followers following new Taylor Swift diss track)

Feud reignited.
The feud has resurfaced with Taylor’s latest album, The Tortured Poets Department. According to a source, Kim’s response was, “She’s over it and thinks Taylor should move on.” Kim “doesn’t get why (Taylor) keeps harping on it,” the insider added. “It’s been literally years.”

In the song thanK you aIMee, she sings about being bullied. Fans have noticed that the capital letters in the song’s name really spell KIM. The lyrics go like this: “All that time you were throwin’ punches, it was all for nothing.” Our town looks so small from up here / I screamed ‘Thank you, Aimee’ to the night sky, and the stars are stunning / ‘Cause I can’t forget how you helped me heal.”

Kim’s Instagram followers decreased after Taylor released her new single thanK you aIMee. She has lost almost 500,000 followers since Friday, with many referencing the song in comments on her postings.

Before the album’s release, Kim had 364.3 million Instagram followers. However, following the announcement, her count suddenly plummeted to 363.8 million. The comments on her most recent photo, which shows her on vacation with Kourtney and Khloe, are filled with references to the new song.

What is the history?

In 2009, Kanye West, Kim’s ex-husband, interrupted Taylor’s VMA winning speech, stating she did not deserve the prize. Later, in his 2016 song Famous, Kanye rapped about Taylor, which she condemned as misogynistic.

Kim defended Kanye on her show and shared video clips of a phone call between Kanye and Taylor to prove she approved the song. However, another leaked video revealed Kim and Kanye failing to provide Taylor with complete information about the song. Taylor mentioned the incident on her 2017 album Reputation.

Meanwhile, fans are reacting to the current album, which contains 31 tracks and references other celebrities and artists such as Charlie Puth, Matty Healy, Joe Alwyn, Clara Bow, Stevie Nicks, and Patti Smith.

Meanwhile, Kim last appeared on American Horror Story: Delicate last year.



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