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One Piece Chapter 1113 spoilers: Zoro is missed; Dr Vegapunk’s world-sinking message plays out

While fans were expecting a Zoro vs Nusjuro duel in One Piece Chapter 1113, new teasers have shown a different scenario.

A brief preview of the next One Piece Chapter 1113 has leaked online, outlining the likely occurrences of the future events in the manga. Last week’s installment concluded with a thrilling twist as Saint Marcus Mars came across something significant in Punk Records. The latest round of spoilers for this week’s arrival is sure to leave fans wanting more.

Following a three-week vacation, Eiichiro Oda’s manga resumed last week with a new edition of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Although Chapter 1113 continues where the previous series of events left off, fans will have to wait a little longer for the next chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1113 will be released on Monday, April 29, at 12 a.m. JST through Viz Media, Shueisha’s Manga Plus website, and Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app. However, due to the upcoming Golden Week holiday, Chapter 1114 will be delayed by a week.

So far, spoilers for the next chapter have focused on Dr. Vegapunk and his creepy broadcast. Here’s everything we know so far. Today’s leaks make no mention of Luffy, and Zorro is once again excluded from the conversation, as was the case with last week’s spoilers.

One Piece: Chapter 1113 Spoilers
The first set of One Piece manga spoilers for Chapter 1113 starts with Saint Mars being surprised to find Dr. Vegapunk’s “big head” in a tank. Last week’s spoilers concluded with him finally encountering the Transmission Transponder Snail. This week’s installment will expand on that vision, with Mars supposedly destroying it only to discover later that it was a forgery.

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The unexpected disclosure has once again shrouded the transmission source in secrecy. As the spoilers focus on Vegapunk’s message broadcast, with a special emphasis on his brain, one can’t help but draw parallels between the two. Fans also began contrasting the imagery with Albert Einstein’s brain (taken by the pathologist on duty, Thomas Harvey, following his death) being separated from his corpse. Similarly, Vegapunk’s extraordinarily large brain appears to be modeled after Einstein’s instance.

Dr. Vegapunk’s program captivates the world as more and more people engage in heated debates about it. The countdown finally ends, and the true message is revealed. The focus changes to a perplexed Gorosei as they consider what Vegapunk possibly be saying.

Soon later, the action shifts to Jewelry Bonney’s group, where Sanji and Saint Nusjuro face off. The leaks left fans confused, as they had expected Zoro to face Nusjuro.

Meanwhile, Vegapunk’s message appears to address how he deserves to die for falling into darkness, exposing why he sent the message in the first place.

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Later, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn approaches Nami’s group and initiates a chat. Robin recalls his voice from the Ohara incident and encourages the others to defend her.

According to One Piece 1113 spoilers, this week’s April 29 chapter will end with Vegapunk’s message, in which he warns that the “world will sink into the sea.”



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