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Maryam Nawaz advocates for woman chief minister in all provinces

LAHORE-  Maryam Nawaz, Chief Minister of Punjab, maintained that every day was Women’s Day, underlining that the celebration should not be limited to one day, during an event commemorating International Women’s Day.  

Maryam Nawaz campaigned for more openness and equality by as the first female CM in any province. electing women chief ministers in other provinces, emphasizing her own historic status 

The Chief Minister of Punjab praised women’s accomplishments, describing them as heroes who serve society and the nation. She appreciated the IG Punjab’s efforts to construct women’s desks in police stations and recognized the vital contributions of female police officers. 

The Chief Minister of Punjab declared that she has made steps to improve the safety and security of women. She mentioned establishing a women’s development department and launching the “Never Again” app.  

She was a staunch supporter for women’s safety, highlighting that women’s harassment was a red line for her. She highlighted her desire to ensure that every woman has the freedom to pursue education and work.  

Maryam Nawaz promised to offer women with interest-free loans, develop internship programs, and introduce pink bikes. She promised to empower women via education, proposing the creation of a distinct block for women at each city’s institutions and launching an international scholarship program. 

She claimed that investing in education is the finest investment and pledged to use all available resources to help kids.  

Recognizing the hurdles that women confront in a patriarchal society, she reflected on her own 13-year effort to establish her position and smash the glass ceiling as the country’s first female chief minister.  



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