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Mike Tyson makes shocking announcement ahead of the fight night with Jake Paul

Mike Tyson says goodbye to podcasting as he prepares for a high-ball showdown with online star Jake Paul.

Boxing legend ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson has announced a permanent exit from podcasting. Tyson’s show, HotBoxin’, cohosted with Sebastian Joseph-Day, has ended just as the Hunger Punch promotion is preparing to script another full-fledged confrontation between him and online personality Jake Paul.

The quarterfinal match is scheduled for July 20 at Texas’ iconic AT&T Stadium, and it is generating a lot of interest among sports fans. However, the exact rules for the bout are still being discussed. Nevertheless, Tyson and Paul are in the vanguard in the campaign for the imposing professional fight rules like the amateur competition and without utilizing head gear.

“These are my final recordings, ladies and gentlemen.”
Tyson’s decision to stop podcasting comes as he prepares for his training program, just three months before the fight.

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Tyson thanked his Instagram followers in a video message for the experiences and connections he’s gained through Hotboxin’. “Ladies and gentlemen, these are my final recordings of Hotboxin‘,” Tyson told the crowd. “I really enjoyed being part of this journey and all of the people that I met, the remarkable people that I met in interviews,” he said, adding, “This is my next chapter in life; please enjoy the following social on my website for my next venture.” “I love you all.”

The program included interviews with prominent personalities such as UFC announcer Joe Rogan and WWE legend The Undertaker.

Fans are expressing their sadness
Netizens were overwhelmingly disappointed by the announcement. Many people expressed their regret at the end of a podcast they found to be really interesting. “This is quite sad. That podcast was [fire emoji]. “I’ll really miss it,” said one enthusiast. Another requested, “Bring me on the show, Mike!!! We can talk about the happy days.

One of the participants said, “Good no more weed, It’s time to collect bones Tyson.”

The anticipation of Tyson’s fake fight film created skepticism in the public’s minds, with some claiming that the tapes were edited, particularly by well-intentioned detractors.

But Tyson’s mentor, Rafaello Cordeiro, promised to surprise everyone by making the bully bleed. During an interview with “The MMA Hour”, Interestingly, Cordeiro stated, “When I first saw him, it messed with my shoulder.” “I couldn’t hold mitts for at least six to seven months with my boys in the gym. My right shoulder was a complete mess, so I took a break to care for it and go to physical therapy.”

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Cordeiro stressed Tyson’s
natural boxing ability: “Sometimes, I say 1-2-3, and he’s already inside.” If I don’t go back, oh Lord. It is impossible. I had to go back. I believe people do not need to be concerned. We’re talking about someone who won two championships. The guy didn’t fight 20 times in two years.

“He can fight. He competed against the top fighters in the world. When he steps into the ring, he knows what to do. “It is nothing new for Mike, and this fight is no exception,” Cordeiro assured.



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