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PDMA predicts gusty wind, rain in parts of Punjab


LAHORE– From Wednesday (today) until April 29, there is a potential of strong winds, rain with thunder, and hail in some areas of Punjab.

According to a PDMA spokeswoman, DG PDMA Irfan Ali Kathia has issued instructions to all Deputy Commissioners in the province to remain vigilant.

Kathia stated that the departments concerned should be prepared to cope with any emergency circumstance.

All districts’ emergency operation centers, as well as the provincial control room, have been alerted.

The situation in the PDMA control room is being monitored around the clock. Rescue 1122 and other rescue agencies must maintain their machinery and workers on standby, he warned.

DG Irfan Ali Kathia also advised folks to be cautious and keep away from electric poles and dangling wires.

Stay in safe places to avoid lightning strikes. Never go under the open sky during lightning or stormy weather.

Take great care of youngsters and never let them come into contact with water that collects in low-lying regions, he advised, adding that citizens should avoid needless travel and drive gently.

Due to climate change, Pakistan is experiencing extraordinary rains. Citizens can seek assistance by calling the PDMA’s helpline 1129.



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