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Prime minister has decided to hold all ministries accountable: Tarar

LAHORE– Attaullah Tarar, the Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, said on Saturday that political party workers play a significant role in the country’s democratic process.

Speaking to the media after visiting the residence of deceased Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz worker Attique Chaudhry, he stated that the PML-N has always practiced service politics and has always been the voice of its workers.

Tarar stated that Atiq Chaudhry was constantly with the party, whether in courts, katcheries, or police stations. “Political workers are our asset, we have achieved success because of activists like Attique Chaudhry,” he told reporters.

Tarar praised the late Attique Chaudhry’s contributions, describing him as a selfless worker who stuck with the party even during the most difficult circumstances. He stated that committed workers never compromise their ideals or sell their loyalty for trivial benefits.

The minister stated that the faces of those who help one another during difficult times are always remembered. He claimed to have met with Chaudhry’s children and widow to express his condolences on his passing.

Attaullah Tarar stated that he has always advocated for the party’s workers’ rights, which will be preserved.

Answering a question, he stated that the country’s economic conditions were considerably better under previous PML-N governments.

During the PTI founder’s four-year reign, there was an economic disaster, hence the latter 16 months of the PDM government were mainly focused on economic recovery. He stated that the PML-N faced hardships and difficulties, and that workers were always an asset to the party.

He stated that the party will make appropriate arrangements for the education and employment of Attique Chaudhry’s children, and that his family would not be left alone.

The prime minister, he claimed, has determined to hold all ministries accountable.

For the first time in Pakistan’s history, ministries have been given explicit objectives. These goals include putting a stop to unemployment, lowering inflation, and addressing people’s economic difficulties.

He stated that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif would consider this during the federal cabinet meeting. He stated that all ministries would be held accountable for their performance during the cabinet meeting.



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