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‘Priscilla the Party!’ to engross London audiences thirty years later

Thirty years after “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” became an unexpected blockbuster in theaters, London audiences will be submerged in cult hilarity starting next week, featuring three outrageously costumed drag artists.

Ten years after Stephan Elliott wrote and directed the 1994 movie, a musical adaptation of his road comedy expanded the story’s international fan base.

Those presenting the most recent version at a location in the Soho neighborhood of London claim that involving the audience in the action of an immersive play called “Priscilla the Party!” was a logical progression.

“Maintaining audiences in their seats always seemed like a really difficult task. The original Priscilla musical’s director, Simon Phillips, stated, “They were always wanting to stand up and dance anyway.”

In some aspects, not much has changed over the decades, but in others, a lot has.

“I think the fact that that particular group of people were being seen as the heroes and heroines on stage (was) not a very common thing at the time that it was made,” Phillips stated.

“The message is still the same, but it’s much easier to sell now. It’s a message of acceptance, of course, of finding your family wherever you find them, and all that sort of thing.”

Music from Kylie Minogue songs to classics like “I will survive” and “It’s raining men” will have fans singing and dancing starting on March 25. Reservations are accepted through September 30.

It’s really difficult. We are moving, singing, and dancing, you know. We have on heels. We wear corsets. We have belts for mics. Actor Reece Kerridge, who portrays Adam/Felicia, stated, “We’re fighting everything because we have big headpieces on, but we absolutely love it.”



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