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Today is World Poetry Day: Kalki, a French actor, claims that poetry writing is therapeutic for her.

Although Kalki Koechlin can’t pinpoint the precise moment she began composing poetry, it has since become her way of life.

The actor claims that her craft enables her to identify and deal with her emotions.

The actor talks candidly about her struggle to find the right words to convey her feelings on World Poetry Day.

“I can’t recall how it all began for me. I began composing poems when I was very little. And my mom preserved everything, which is the only reason I knew about it.

According to Koechlin, “I wrote about butterflies and other things that a kid can write when I was six years old.”

The forty-year-old adds that her mother gave her books on poetry when she was a child, which helped her develop an interest in the genre. Reading and subsequently writing poetry was something I enjoyed doing.

Is Sappho, her daughter, carrying on her mother’s poetic legacy, having begun writing poems at a young age? “Well, I’m not intentionally doing it.

She is interested in drawing. She uses drawings to express the feelings she is feeling. She has some experience with storytelling, but she hasn’t started writing poetry yet,” she explains.

Speaking about her own experiences, she acknowledges that they are reflected in her writing. “For me, it’s like therapy… It allows me to express my intense feelings.

On the outside, you may occasionally experience feelings like anger, sadness, or anxiety, but you may not fully understand why you are experiencing them. The mother of one adds, “Writing poems as self examination,” adding, “I feel like I am peeling the lawyers one by one and getting in touch with my deep emotions and feelings.”

Regarding the subjects, the performer shares everything about her inner struggle and how she draws inspiration from her surroundings.
The difficulties that I am facing. I was born again into motherhood. I am a toddler who is now a mother. That is what is motivating me right now.

Every change in life, whether it be psychological or physical, especially for women after the age of forty… Our perspective on things Right now, all of it is motivating me. The actor from Made in Heaven says.

How about her poetry be published?I’ve been questioned about it. That might come to pass when I decide they are good enough to print.

Not yet, I don’t feel that way. I think the craft is deeper than that. I’m putting effort into it. I might eventually have a collection of poems that is long enough to be published,” she concludes.



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