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renowned vloggers for families Nimra and Asad decide to stop vlogging.

In Pakistan, family vlogging has gained a lot of popularity.

Numerous YouTubers have become sudden celebrities and successful business owners by sharing parts of their lives with the world on a regular basis.

At the age of 18, Asad and Nimra tied the knot. After their early marriage became well-known, they began receiving invitations to other shows.

They began vlogging and made social media accounts as well. Since they began their family vlog, thousands of people have watched them every day. They have a son.

Asad Pervaiz declared that he would no longer exhibit his family because of Islam.

He admitted that even though he felt that this was wrong, he persisted in pushing himself.

He abruptly declared his decision to not show his family after coming to a final decision.

Additionally, he disclosed that Nimra never shown any genuine interest in using social media.

She therefore supports him and is quite pleased with this choice.

Additionally, he discussed how they handled their fears as a pair as millions of people followed them and, yes, they both received messages from people of the other gender.

He disclosed that their phones allow them to access their social media accounts, so there are no secrets, which helps to keep their fears in check.

He also offered guidance to young people. He advised them to become financially independent, stressing that there are numerous ways to do so these days.



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