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Summit in South Korea alerts about AI’s threat to democracy

On Monday, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol denounced fake news and disinformation based on artificial intelligence and digital technology as dangers to democracy, while other officials present at a global conference charged China and Russia of waging hostile propaganda efforts.

Speaking at the beginning of the Seoul Summit for Democracy, Yoon stated that nations had a responsibility to exchange knowledge and insights in order to use technology and artificial intelligence to advance democracy.

“Disinformation and fake news powered by artificial intelligence and digital technology endanger democratic processes in addition to violating human rights and individual freedoms.
The third Summit for Democracy meeting is being held in South Korea at the request of US President Joe Biden, with the goal of debating strategies to halt the erosion of rights and democratic backsliding.

China retaliated against Seoul on Monday for allowing Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang to deliver a video speech.

Although the presenter stated that Tang was speaking in a private capacity, neither Taiwan nor South Korea, which has strengthened ties with Washington but also aimed to avoid a significant impact on its strong commercial connections with China, made any prior announcements about Tang’s involvement.

Taiwan denies China’s claim to sovereignty and calls the island its own.

“Expand the space for Taiwan independence activities under the banner of democracy and human rights” is an unviable goal, according to Lin Jian, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry.



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