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The Excitement Of Swifties Awaiting Their Idol’s Trip Increases Demand For Travel To Europe.

According to a Spanish online travel agency, Taylor Swift fans, also referred to as “Swifties,” are driving up demand for air travel in Europe as they follow their idol’s “Eras” tour from May to August.

The star is scheduled to play in Stockholm on May 17–19. According to the company, demand for flights to Stockholm at that time last year increased sixfold. Meanwhile, demand for flights to Warsaw, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Paris increased by 339%, 176%, 133%, and 108%, respectively, over the same period.

The demand across the Atlantic was increasing the fastest, indicating that American Swifties were very interested in the performances in Europe.

In addition to the top five locations, there has been a noticeable surge in interest in seeing Taylor play in Zurich, Lyon, Milan, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Madrid.

This peculiar trend is a reflection of Taylor Swift’s significant economic impact and influence on the music industry, both of which have been noted and quantified in the US.



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