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Upasana says Ram Charan moved to her parents’ home when she struggled postpartum: ‘He is my strength’

In a recent interview, Upasana Konidela talked about how Ram Charan helped her deal with postpartum depression and how hands-on he is as a father to Klin Kaara.

Upasana Konidela, a new mother, recently discussed her emotional journey through motherhood and postpartum in an interview. She also revealed to The Times of India that her husband, actor Ram Charan, had been a pillar of strength ‘through it all’. (Also Read: Ram Charan’s wife Upasana is Ready to Have Another Baby: My Health, My Choice)

‘Charan is attentive.’
Upasana told the publication that leaving Kaara at home whenever they travel is ‘heart-wrenching’ for her and Ram, who ‘tear more than Kaara does’.

She also revealed that Ram moved in with her at her parents’ house when she needed postpartum support and was suffering from depression. She stated, “My husband is my therapist and moved in with me to my parents’ house (after they had the baby).” I recognize that it is not the same for all women, so it is critical that they prioritize their well-being and seek professional aid as needed.”

She further added that Ram is such an attentive parent that their daughter’s eating habits have began to match his. “Charan’s loving care and involvement in parenting Klin Kaara has enhanced this stage of my life even more. Even her eating habits resemble his; she is a pure Konidela. “Becoming a mother has been a profound journey, but not without challenges,” she explained.

‘He feels comfortable enough to be in my shadow.’
Upasana also told HT City in March of this year that Ram is the type of husband who is confident enough to be in her shadow while she shines. “They say that behind every successful man stands a woman. When he shines, it’s fun to be the shadow, and when I shine, he feels safe enough to be mine,” she said. Similarly, she added that she is ‘proud’ to remain in his shadow when necessary, noting, “I discovered that there is so much beauty in being that person for him. He is that for me, and that support is quite valuable.”

Ram and Upasana married in June 2012 and had their first kid in June 2023. He will soon appear in Shankar’s Game Changer, as well as Buchi Babu Sana and Sukumar’s untitled flicks.



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