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We are commemorating the literary great Mushfiq Khwaja’s death anniversary today.

The 19th anniversary of the passing of Urdu poet, literary journalist, critic, and eminent researcher Mushfiq Khwaja.

Khwaja Abdul Hai was the original name of Mushfiq Khwaja, who was born in Lahore. Following graduation from Karachi University with an M.A. in Urdu, he became involved in “Anjuman Taraqi-e-Urdu.”

Mushfiq Khwaja was greatly inspired by his affiliation with ‘Anjuman Taraqi-e-Urdu‘, and he achieved numerous significant research breakthroughs from this platform. Mushfiq Khwaja began penning a literary column in the 1980s under the pen name “Khama Bagosh,” which caused a stir throughout the subcontinent.

Mushfiq Khwaja spent his entire life writing and compiling exclusively academic and research materials.

Tazkira-i-Khush Marka-i-Zaiba,” “Ghalib and Safeer Bilgrami,” “Jaiza-e-Makhtootaat-e-Urdu,” “Khama Bagosh Ke Qalam Se,” “Sukhan Dar Sukhan,” “Sukhan Haay Na Guftani,” “Sukhan Haay Gustarana,” “Aabiyaat” (poetry collection), and “Kulliyat-E-Yagana” are a few of his well-known compositions and compilations.

For Radio Pakistan, Mushfiq Khwaja penned over fifty features covering a range of subjects. In 1988, he received the Presidential Medal in appreciation for his contributions to literature and academia.

He passed away in Karachi on February 21, 2005.



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