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What ‘curious things’ did Usher see at Diddy’s New York home as a teen?

“Would you ever send your kid to a Puffy camp?” Usher refused, especially after Diddy introduced him to “a totally different set of …” in his teens.

A video of R&B singer Usher detailing what it was like to live with hip-hop tycoon Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has reappeared online, similar to a worrisome video about Diddy allegedly being ready to spend 48 hours with an underage Justin Bieber. After Homeland Security raided the rapper’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami earlier this week in response to “a federal sex trafficking investigation,” all of these eye-opening videos were brought back into the spotlight.

Diddy co-founded Revolt TV in 2013 and was well-known for spotting breakout performers in the mid-1990s. However, as sour charges against him mount, accusing him of a variety of dark crimes such as sexual assault and so on, his disgraced image is gradually emerging, with the internet becoming apprehensive of his other potential immoralities.

The Yeah! crooner was one of many notable artists that benefited from Diddy’s mentorship. A video of him from 2016 has resurfaced on the internet, reminding us of what the R&B artist said about his living situation in Diddy’s house. Nothing good came from this, except for increased internet awareness and apprehension about the music industry.

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Why was Usher living with Diddy?

When the Confessions album’s creator obtained a record deal with LA Reid’s label, the producer sent him to live with Sean Combs for one year. In past interviews, Usher has blamed Reid for sending him to Diddy’s Scarsdale house in New York. His chats with Rolling Stone in 2004 raised even more concerns about how the elder artist exposed him to a “totally different set of sh*t – sex, specifically.”

Usher continues to live at Diddy’s house
Usher termed the experience “Flavour Camp,” noting that “there was always girls around.” He described how “you’d open a door and see someone doing it, or several people in a room having an orgy.”

The DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love singer addressed the matter again in 2016, when promoting his film Hands of Stone. During a guest appearance on Howard Stern’s show, he revealed the “pretty wild” and “curious things” he saw inside Diddy’s home. When Stern asked if the place “was filled with chicks and orgy, like nonstop,” Usher initially replied “not really,” only to divert his assertions along a similar path.

Although he “went there to see the lifestyle,” as Reid recommended, it provided him with a totally new perspective on things. “There were very curious things taking place, and I didn’t necessarily understand it,” Usher said.

Stern heard his views and inquired if he’d ever send his child to a ‘Puffy camp’. Usher immediately spat out a firm “Hell no.”



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