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YouTube allows creators to distribute premium subscribers-only Shorts.

“Members Only Shorts” are a new feature that YouTube has revealed for its paying users alone.

The goal of this most recent addition is to enhance the advantages previously enjoyed by members—such as personalized emojis, badges, and access to private livestreams—by giving creators the ability to share short films exclusively with their paying audience.

YouTube creators can use Members Only Shorts to persuade viewers to subscribe by providing access to exclusive material, such as product releases, special announcements, or time-limited promotions.

With the help of this tool, producers can interact with their audience in a variety of ways, such as Q&A sessions, behind-the-scenes looks, or previews of upcoming projects.

YouTube is following in the footsteps of TikTok, which added non-live producers to its list of subscribers recently.

TikTok’s monetization technology, now called “Subscription,” allows creators to submit unique films that are only available to paying subscribers, thus increasing the platform’s revenue sources.

The launch of YouTube’s Members Only Shorts highlights the platform’s dedication to strengthening the interaction between artists and viewers while offering creators cutting-edge methods to monetise their work and engage with their audience.

Upon releasing a short film, producers can now choose to make it available only to their subscribers by checking the “members only” option in the “visibility” settings.

An existing Short can be changed by creators to a members-only format. Shorts creators have the ability to plan when their content will go from members-only to public, giving subscribers access before it becomes widely available.

In an effort to create a feeling of closeness between producers and their subscribers, YouTube, a Google subsidiary, suggests creators to keep these Shorts more informal and genuine than their public content.

These unique short movies are only available to subscribers in a few different places on the platform, such as the Shorts tab, the Subscriptions feed, and the creator’s channel. A star icon will be used to designate the content as exclusive to subscribers who have paid for access.

YouTube said in a statement on Thursday that Shorts receives 70 billion views every day on average and that more than 25% of channels who are a part of YouTube’s Partner Program make money using Shorts’ revenue-sharing scheme.



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