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Katrina Kaif reveals rejecting Hollywood film: ‘I do believe it will happen…’

Katrina Kaif addressed her about declining a Hollywood project. She stated that doing a Hollywood film will be like ‘a whole new leaf in her book’.

According to Variety, Katrina Kaif was offered a Hollywood picture but turned it down owing to ‘circumstances’. In an interview with the portal, Katrina was asked about her Hollywood dreams. The actress claimed that when the ‘West came calling’ recently, she had to decline the offer. Also read: Pakistani musician Abrar ul Haq discloses why he denied a Bollywood film starring Katrina Kaif.

‘I believe it will happen.’
She stated, “I do believe it will happen, and I think that will be a whole new leaf in my book, so to speak, and really exciting.” The actor also discussed her film selections, stating, “I’ve always put the audience first and have tried to do so throughout my career.” And so I think it’s about finding a balance; what tale do I believe will resonate with the audience? And what am I currently connecting to, both personally and as an actor? What will help me grow? What will give me satisfaction? “This is exactly what I want to do right now.”

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Katrina’s final flick.

The actor appeared alongside Vijay Sethupathi in the critically acclaimed Hindi-Tamil multilingual noir Merry Christmas (2024). Sriram Raghavan directed the film, which is based on Frédéric Dard’s French novel Le Monte-charge (Bird in a Cage).

In the same Variety interview, Katrina gushed about Sriram, who was at the top of her list of filmmakers to work with.

She stated that the characters in his films have a “certain rawness and realness” to them, and that when you watch them on screen, “they’re very flawed, very imperfect,” but there’s a genuine, compassionate aspect to them, and “they feel very real.” Katrina went on to say that the director has a knack for making what he presents on screen familiar, even if the scenarios are occasionally absurd.



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