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Mango adjusts when climate change reduces the seasonality of fashion

As climate change makes fashion less seasonal, Spanish retailer Mango is focusing on creating clothing that is versatile to help customers cope with sudden temperature fluctuations, Chief Executive Toni Ruiz told Reuters.

The apparel business used to operate in accordance with distinct seasons, but Ruiz stated that because of global warming, it now had to adjust to times when there may be a combination of hot and cold weather and create garments that represent those changes.

In an interview, Ruiz stated, “In the past, all the stores were full of winter clothes when you came back from summer.” “More and more the customer is going to look for what they need at that moment.”

Clothes trends are changing as a result of Spain and other European nations experiencing greater temperatures and more rain in some areas of the year.

Light trench coats are a popular trend among women, according to Ruiz, and this is an example of seasonally appropriate apparel. Additionally, Mango sells men’s clothing made of “performance” materials, which are more breathable and able to withstand perspiration on hot days.

Mango, a family-owned business, now sources its practical wardrobe pieces from manufacturers in Asia and its trend-dependent goods from manufacturers in Europe, according to Ruiz.

“We have the ability to work in two parallel worlds, depending on the needs and the nature of the product,” he stated. “I believe that is a necessary virtue at the moment in this disruptive world.”

Mango obtained from over 3,000 manufacturers in China, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Spain, Italy, and Portugal by the end of 2023. According to Ruiz, over 80% of Mango’s volumes were still produced in Asia, while over 40% of the company’s suppliers were based in Europe.

Mango has been able to manage the danger of recent setbacks in shipments through the Red Sea because to its adaptable supply chain, which Ruiz said is now under control.

According to Ruiz, the business has been concentrating its investments on growing its network of locations and in technological advancements. According to him, it uses artificial intelligence to monitor social media trends and cross-reference customer data with collections and other companies.

The business instructs designers using an internal AI platform that resembles the ChatGPT interface. He indicated that about 20 items have been produced using AI.

Artificial Intelligence is “a great wingman in our strategy to understand what’s happening in the world,” Ruiz stated.



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